Beach Meditation

Wednesday November 30, 2022

7 to 9pm


Location: 59 Grantown Ave., Scarborough

Radical Forgiveness Release Ceremony
with Lorree Appleby

Join us to release the hurt, resentment & anger you have around someone else.

We will gather in sacred ceremony to forgive & reclaim our power back in our present moment.

We will work with Spiritual Intelligence using breath work, music & drumming to facilitate healing.

Afterwards we will debrief & then close our sacred circle.

Bring yoga mat, water, blanket, journal/pen & eye cover


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2-Hour In-person Class

Monday December 5, 2022

7 to 9pm

$55 + HST

Location: 59 Grantown Ave. Scarborough

Supple Body - Quiet Mind

A Blissfully Empowering Experience of Healing


If you are experiencing persistent tension/pain. 

If you are tired, stressed.

If you are simply ready for a change then this workshop is for you!


Be prepared to feel amazing after this unique, simple and gentle movement/meditation practise that will soothe a tired body and quiet an overactive mind.  Over two hours there will be a short lecture followed by a beautiful healing SomaYoga Practise, guided relaxation practice and calming meditation.


SomaYoga is an easy to learn mindfulness and movement therapy that blends the brilliance of Somatic Education and the wisdom of Yoga to successfully and efficiently get bodies out of persistent tension/pain and back to functional movement.  SomaYoga addresses the sensory-motor system by shifting sub-conscious patterns that hold the body/mind in tension/pain. 


  • No previous yoga or meditation experience required.

  • Beginners welcome 

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, two blankets, meditation cushion, and eye pillow or sleeping mask to cover your eyes. 

  • Appropriate for individuals dealing with persistent tension/pain/stress in their mind and body.  

Be prepared to be blown away as you feel tension melt out of your body!

Meditating on the Beach

Friday January 6, 2023 I 7-9 pm


$60 + HST


Highland Fitness, 362 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough, M1C 1B6

Mindful Motivation

2 Hour Workshop


Working on a personal goal for 2023? Maybe you want to lose weight, sleep better, make a career change, find more balance or make more money!


The mind is a powerful and often untapped resource that you can use to fuel your success and help you achieve your goals. Why not give yourself a gift and join this life changing workshop where you will:

  1. Learn about the connection between the mind, body and emotions and how this relationship can hinder or drive your success.

  2. Learn how releasing pain and tension out of your body can fuel your path to success

  3. Learn a powerful movement and meditation practice that you can do daily to create your own success story

  4. Leave feeling energised, excited, recharged and focused on your own success!!




You are the master of your own story.

Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing and expecting a different result!



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4 Week Series (In-person)


Stay tuned for next event

$180 + HST


Highland Fitness, 362 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough, M1C 1B6

Relieve Tight Hips & Low Back Pain

“The brain does not distinguish between good input and bad input. It just keeps learning whatever you teach it. Muscles are simply responding to the messages the brain sends them.” ~ Nicole Ablack-Ramkay 



Persistent pain beyond six months originates in the brain not the muscles, it is no longer an issue with your tissues, it is your brain that is mis-firing!


Persistent or recurring low back pain and tight hips are a common concern and a key indicator of an unstable core. The patterns that are keeping you in pain are learned and ingrained in the sub-cortex of your brain. To release this chronic tension, you simply need to harness the human body’s innate ability to heal itself and retrain the brain.


In this series you will:

·       Learn and then practice a simple and ground-breaking technique to begin to reduce or resolve your pain/tension.

·       Learn a practice that you can do on your own at home to move better.

·       Experience a quick and surprising release of your tight muscles.

·       Breathe better.

·       Experience better quality sleep

·       Begin to feel stronger and more efficient during your workouts!