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Helping you release energetic blocks & pain so that you find more ease, peace and joy in your life.

Experience a 50 to 90% reduction in pain in just 10 weeks.


If you are dealing with pain from an injury, surgery, illness or experience chronic pain then I can help.  


Treatments are perfect for individuals suffering from arthritis, Fibromalagia, Chronic Fatigue, neck/shoulder/hips/knee issues, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and back pain and much more.


  • Pinpoint areas of instability and dysfunction and learn how to shift the movement patterns that keep you suffering

  • Experience reduced pain, increased core strength and better sleep

  • Feel tight, tense muscles release

  • Feel stronger, move better, have more energy, imagine moving with a buoyant body, with no pain and with renewed strength!

  • Become more stress resilient as you let go of old patterns and belief systems that have held you hostage.


Clients that adhere to treatment plans and attend 10 consecutive sessions typically begin to experience a 50 to 90% reduction of pain.




I suffered a painful back injury that required spine surgery and a great amount of physio therapy.  After five months of post-operative physio therapy my rehabilitation stalled, and I began to seek an alternative mode of recovery.  In just five weeks of seeing Nicole, my recovery jumped in leaps and bounds.  Under Nicole’s care I have been able to regain a great amount of mobility pain free.   Through controlled movements and exercises she has given me back not only my strength but flexibility and confidence.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.  Nicole understands pain and is sympathetic but also realizes that sometimes you need a push to prove to yourself that yes, you can.  Nicole looks at the chain or system of muscles and can quickly determine a plan of controlled movements that will give relief and eventually restore strength.   Prior to surgery I felt that I would never be able rise out of bed without grimacing with pain, simply roll over, or unload the dishwasher, now I feel relief: relief to be able to move pain free and even enjoy a 5km walk.  I urge anyone who has low back pain to trust Nicole to help you out of pain.   Rhonda B

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