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Give your future self the gift of health and healing

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June 7/8/9

October 25/26/27



This retreat is suitable for all levels from lay person to movement teachers, doctors, chiropractors, and body workers. Learn how your body has the capacity to heal itself and how to help your clients heal from chronic stress, tension and pain.

In this weekend you can:

  • Immerse yourself in a weekend of healing

  • Learn a ground breaking methodology to help you reduce or resolve your tension/pain

  • Learn how to use your brain to change your tension/pain

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety and learn how to become stress resilient

  • Soothe your over active nervous system so that you can begin to heal your mind/body tension/pain

  • Have fun, laugh, play

  • Eat wonderfully healing food

  • Stay in a castle!









Research has now confirmed that pain does not reside in the muscles; it resides in the brain and that physical tension, pain & stress are the byproducts of the way you live your life. Your life is showing up in your body. 



 The good news is that you can change your pain through a multifaceted biopsychosocial approach that can re-program these neurosignatures and bring your body/mind back to a healthier more functional state. This six- step approach called The Method combines the brilliance of eastern philosophies with research and techniques to help your body to heal, become more functional, vibrant and reduce or resolve pain.


Whether it is a sore knee, plantar fascitis, low back pain, painful hips, neck tension OR stress, you could experience a 50 to 90% reduction in your pain within 6 weeks if you regularly practice the techniques you will learn at the Change Your Pain Weekend Retreat.

The key to success is that you become an active participant in your own healing; learning how to sense and feel what you are experiencing in your own body so that you can respond appropriately to support the healing process.

Your body has the potential to heal itself when given the right tools.  As you learn to reconnect with your body, as you learn to get quiet and listen to the wisdom of your body you begin to get better.  


Getting out of pain and becoming stress resilient challenges the Spirit, Mind and Body.

These things are not separate from each other. When you shift one, you shift the other.



Why this retreat is for you:

  • Are you ready for a change?

  • Are you dealing with stress?

  • Have you forgotten how to truly take care of yourself?

  • Do you simply need a break away from it all?

  • Do you have pain/tension or recurring symptoms in your body?

  • Want to learn tools to restore balance in your body and peace in your mind?

  • Want to learn valuable tools that you can use anytime?

  • Do you want to learn the connection of how your life stress can show up in your body?

  • Do you want to learn techniques that you can do at home to release pain and tension in your body?

  • Do you want to learn how to bring joy and play back into your life?



How you will benefit?

  • You will learn the valuable tools to create a happier healthier life for yourself

  • You will escape and unwind from the demands of your life

  • You will learn how the mind works to keep you in pain and suffering

  • You will learn how you can actively participate in your own life to create change and find balance

  • You will leave with a new perspective and tools to support your transition into whole being well being.

  • You will enjoy a weekend to dedicate solely to yourself to take care of yourself

  • You will learn how to become stress resilient

  • You will experience how to play and have fun

  • You will reduce or resolve your tension and pain

  • You will discover through movement, breath and mind body practices what it feels like to be truly embodied and how you can use that power to take action in your life.

  • You will learn how habituated patterns in your body and life result in pain and tension

  • You will be giving yourself permission to completely let go of your regular routine and experience being open to healing and change

  • Optional: You will experience the freedom of disengaging from your digital devices for the weekend 

  • You will enjoy a quality stay in a beautiful boutique hotel accommodating to all of your needs







After the retreat I will feel:

Skilled in navigating my life in a more balanced and calmer way

Empowered to take charge of my own health and healing

A reduction in my pain and tension

Relaxed and grounded





What’s Included:

  • Accommodations for the weekend

  • Daily assortment of nutritious snacks (Dried Fruit, Nuts, Chocolates, Fresh baked goodies, Fresh fruit)

  • Herbal Teas and Coffee available to help yourself at a 24 hour Barista Bar

  • 2 delicious dinners

  • 2 scrumptious breakfasts

  • 3 nourishing lunches

  • 3 SomaYoga Classes 

  • 3 Workshops

  • 3 Joy & Laughter Classes



What to Bring:

  • ​​Yoga Mat

  • Large Yoga Bolster

  • Towel (to be used during  your yoga practise)

  • Blanket for warmth during final relaxation at the end of class

  • Favourite Pillow for sleeping (optional)

  • House Slippers

  • Walking/hiking shoes

  • Stretchy comfortable clothes for yoga practise with a sweater/socks

  • Your open heart ready to receive Love and Healing

Rock Balancing
Brewing Tea
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