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7 Great Reasons to Attend a Retreat

Here are 7 Great Reasons Attend a Retreat

1. Disconnect from technology – soothe for your nervous system!

Every moment of our lives we are bombarded with the pressures of a busy calendar and long to-do lists. Even a good night’s sleep can be interrupted by our busy minds and our tight or painful bodies. Our nervous systems are in overdrive trying to cope with the constant stress and demands of life.

Our bodies respond to the stressors and events in our lives. When we are tired and the demands of our lives make us feel overwhelmed, our bodies will display the tell tale signs. These signs show up as physiologically ingrained reflex patterns in response to these stressors.

You might recognize some of the most common reflexes such as rounded shoulders, an overarched back or recognize people that obviously lean to one side. These maladaptive reflexes that cause postural, movement and body distortions also result in lack of mental clarity, low mood, anxiety, interrupted sleep, poor digestion, wear and tear on joints, and lead to persistent pain.

By giving yourself time and space out of your regular routine, you can help your nervous system recover from the effects of chronic nervous system overdrive.

2. Learn to live on purpose focusing on your health and well being for a weekend.

The Yoga Sutras teach us that the first step on the path into suffering is ignorance, also explained as a forgetting of who we are. We forget that we are a thread in the tapestry of Divine wisdom. The yogis teach us that our inherent nature is that of perfection. Our true nature is that of peace, joy and harmony, we are Love. Pure and perfect.

We suffer because we have covered over this perfection with layers and layers of behaviour patterns, beliefs, likes and dislikes informed by our past wounding, traumas and life experiences. The yogis go on to explain that this path of attaching to our likes, dislikes and resisting change perpetuates our deep sadness and suffering.

At this retreat you will learn about the role your mind plays in perpetuating the belief systems that keep you in suffering. This new awareness will help you to navigate your life more effectively. Rediscover a lightness, ease and clarity in your life.

3. Spend time healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learn the skills of Interoception and Somatic Neuromuscluar Re-education. Your body was brilliantly designed to self-regulate and self-heal. At our retreat we will teach you ways to work with your Somatic Nervous System to re-educate your muscles teaching them to let go of deep patterning that occurs as a physiological response to what happens in your life.

4. Evaluate your current situation – how are you showing up in your life?

Stress and nervous system overload is at epidemic proportions in our world. Your nervous system cannot sustain this chronic “flight or flight” response.

Sustained stress is the foundation of illness, anxiety, fatigue and mental/emotional/spiritual pain.

Is it time for you to do a reset and make different choices?

Logic says that if we keep doing the same thing over and over, we will simply get the same result. Yet we often keep doing the same thing and expect that things will change.

Sometimes that is simply because you are not ready to change and that is perfectly alright. But sometimes it is because you don’t have the knowledge or the tools to change.

Let us help you and inspire you.

Change results from conscious choice and action. Our clients see change because they choose to commit, do the work and are open to our support and coaching. That is where a group retreat setting can be so powerful.

Are you ready to make change, small or big to find more balance in your life? We are here to support you.

Replace old and unsupportive patterns with new ones.

5. Detox your body and mind with movement, meditation and healing food.

This retreat will be a treat for your whole Soma (your sensing and feeling body). For this weekend, sit back, relax, enjoy, unwind and have some real fun. We have taken care of all the details. Imagine how lovely it will feel to be catered to and supported.

Savour fresh, delicious wholesome food, be guided through Somayoga classes, meditations, guided relaxation and laugh and have fun with our Director of Joy who will get you dancing, laughing and playing. Get ready to be surprised!

6. Enjoy modern, comfortable accommodations in a castle with a 4.5 star rating on Tripadvisor.

Enjoy the comfort and luxury of staying at the beautiful Clonmel Castle located in the historic village of Dover just a few minutes from downtown Port Dover, Ontario.

Clonmel is lavish but not pretentious. An authentic Georgian revival Heritage Mansion it boasts over 12,000 square feet of elegance and sophistication.

Clonmel Castle sits high on Prospect Hill, surrounded by three acres of English gardens, wrapped in a hand-crafted stonewall. From its impressive hilltop presence you can hear the crashing waterfall where the locals play under the falls and in the pools.

A home away from home, we have chosen this perfect setting for this amazing retreat.

7. Most important of all: You deserve it!

Need we say more? Balanced health starts with self care.

The next Change your Pain Weekend Retreat is being held June 7-9th, 2019. Join us.

Register now Let’s talk about how we can help you. Call 647-980-7233.

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