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Moving from Unconscious to Conscious

Neuromuscular Re-education, Pain and the Nervous System, Self-healing, Somatic Nervous System

Last week we wrote about SomaYoga Nidra: A nervous system recharge the importance of learning how to soothe your nervous system to create real change. Not just changing your pain and creating freedom in your body but changing your life so that you can feel more ease, balance and less overwhelm. Moving from unconscious to conscious, changing your life so that you feel more in control and less reactive and less stressed. Changing your life so that you sleep better, enjoy better relationships, have more energy and mental clarity.

SomaYoga Nidra and Supple Body Quiet Mind are workshops that engage your brain to release ‘unsupportive’ habituated patterns that are controlled by your brain and keep you locked in poor movement patterns causing pain. Becoming conscious of and downgrading of these bad habits, replacing them with functional and supportive ones, is what creates the release.

A slowing down, moving from unconscious to conscious will shed days, months and years of tension. It is this shift and re-education that increases circulation, energy flow, detoxifies, and soothes your nervous system. These are important ingredients for facilitating real change; moving from unconscious to conscious, from disembodied to embodied.

Creating Real and Lasting Change

We know that consistency is the key to creating real and lasting change. We encourage starting a weekly practice, to build better habits, to cultivate the skill of getting quiet and listening. We also recommend attending a day or weekend retreat to deepen your experience and learning. This group experience can be a very powerful catalyst for change.

Your body reflects every experience you have had in your life. It reflects the way you live your life. People often carry patterns that are so deeply ingrained that they don’t even realize the influence they have on their life choices. These patterns show up as pain and tension or stress and overwhelm.

Are you experiencing this now?

Do you feel locked in patterns that are secretly sabotaging your life?

Are you ready to take control of your life?

Are you ready to understand the role the mind plays in creating pain and tension in your body?

Change Your Pain Retreats

We invite you to join our Change Your Pain Kickstart Program or attend one of our Change Your Pain Retreats to help you facilitate real change. We are ready to support you.

Are you ready for the kind of experience that can ignite a spark in you to change gears and choose to live your life differently?

Join now and take advantage of these life-changing opportunities that we have created for you.

Click here to sign up for the Kickstart Program or visit our Events page so you can register for our next Change Your Pain Retreat.

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