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Private Sessions (In Person or via Zoom)

To experience from within
The sensing & feeling body

What makes us somas is our ability to self correct, self regulate and self discern.
 are more than just bodies. We have spirits, emotions, beliefs systems and ways of thinking. And it is important to address all of these Kosha layers or layers of our being for healing.

Scope of My Practice

I find that since the word Somatic is so foreign to most, I must educate, time and time again, about what it is exactly that I offer, and what makes this work so unique.

The foundation of what I do, is to help clients figure out where the are stuck and not moving well and get them back to moving well. This is how I distill my practice down to the simplest explanation.

Together we skillfully discover bad habits, limiting beliefs, compensations of movement and patterns that are so deeply stuck in the nervous system, that they require active and deliberate involvement of the brain to change. The active, deliberate involvement of the brain reinforces new neural pathways, or reinforces forgotten ones to liberate us towards more freedom.

This brain-body connection, this learning is called Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education. And I use this as a starting point to working with my clients.





Sessions start on a low lying table, working to bring awareness to, and improve functional movements. If appropriate, sessions can include strengthening using a Pilate Reformer or standing often with some form of glute stabilization, walking, or load bearing to integrate the releasing we have done in the Soma.




        Initial Consultation:  1 - 1.5 hours - $160 + HST

  • 30 Minute Body Assessment

  • Movement Evaluation

  • Full Treatment

  •  Prescribed Wellness Program to be Practised Daily at Home

  • Nutritional Recommendations as Appropriate

  • Plan for Course of Treatment

  •  Educational Materials as Appropriate


        Follow-Up Consultations:

             1 hour - $110.00 + HST / 5 Sessions $500 + HST

  •     Progress Assessment/Discussion of Prescribed Wellness Program 

  •     Full Treatment Specific to Your Body's Needs

  •     Ongoing Education about Your Body and the Source of Your Pain/Tension

  •     Learn Powerful Tools to Get your Body Out of Pain/Tension

  •     Unlimited text/email Access to Me between Appointments

Some sessions include Mind Work - detailed discussion and exploration of how the aspects of the mind affect what is showing up in the soma. And how these aspects lead to tension and pain.


Some sessions involve intricate re-education of the pelvic floor. Some involve functional stabilizing to get clients strong to support a fitness goal, taking long walks, weight lifting, hiking, golfing or any other activity that brings you joy.

Some involve breath coaching, breathing practices and deep guided relaxation, all geared toward what is needed on the day and in that moment.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the number one goal for my clients is to release tension, so that functional, movement and posture naturally arises and they can experience more joy by getting back to doing the things they love to do.

Core Strengthening

Pilates Mat Work, Reformer, Stability Chair and Arc are used in conjunction with pain resolution strategies to help you overcome your tension/pain and then strengthen your core, improve coordination and stamina, develop long lean muscles, and maintain strength and flexibility in your body.


Beginning first with very basic movements to build strength and coordination then leading up to more challenging exercises that are appropriate for your body.


Great for all levels from Rehab to Athletes. Discover how this intelligent form of exercise can transform your body and your life.



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