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Mind Body Blueprint: A Roadmap to Somatic Embodiment

Release energetic blocks & pain, find more ease, peace and joy in your life!


Up level Your Mind & Body!


12-Module | Self Paced Online Program

with Carrie Meyer & Nicole Ablack-Ramkay
SomaYoga Therapists & Somatic Educators




















In this transformative 12 Module Program you'll:


✔Let go of old beliefs at the cellular level and take back control over your life by learning somatic practices fostering embodiment and healing.


✔Challenge your current way of seeing and understanding yourself.


✔Identify the role of your brain in every aspect of your being and how to retrain your brain to improve your health.

✔Address anxiety, depression and body pain by learning to nurture a sense of safety for your primitive brain using Pain Reprocessing Therapy.


✔Discover how nervous system dysregulation affects your health and what you should do about it.

✔Understand the power of the vagus nerve to support the rest and digest function in your body.

✔Learn key nervous system resets to support better sleep, calmer mood, better digestion and improve your overall health.

✔Re-educate your muscles, improve posture, and regain strength and stability using key tools of somatic neuromuscular re-education i.e. pandiculation.

✔Learn an alternative to stretching and manual therapy to reset the resting length of your muscles so you can feel more ease in your body.​

✔Tap into a variety of breathing & sounding practices to ease anxiety, reduce muscular tension, calm your mind and nervous system in a few short minutes.​

✔Use yogic mind maps and philosophy to learn how your unconscious and conscious beliefs are stored in your body and can cause pain and suffering.

✔Apply the Mind-Body Blueprint Master Plan to self assess and implement somatic practices that meet your needs in real time.

✔Get lifetime access to all re-iterations of this program. 

And more...​



Our clients are just like you…


and seeking compassionate guidance and support to:


“…Move from fear and frustration with recurring patterns of tension and pain to moving, feeling and sleeping better.”


“…Transition from feeling disconnected with themselves to understanding the healing benefits of embodiment and somatic self discovery.”


“…Turn exhaustion into energy and strength”


“…Transform a life that feels mediocre to a life in which you thrive.”


…”Move from stressed towards stillness & peace”


…”Move from fear to safety”

















Here is what you will be learning: 

Module 1: Road Map - Challenge Your Current Way of Thinking

In Module 1 of this program you’ll have the opportunity to challenge your current way of seeing and understanding yourself and how this relates to healing your mind and body. Explore practices and self-reflection to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself building somatic awareness that is the foundation of healing. Let us safely guide you through explorative processes to paint a clear picture of your starting point in this program so that you can celebrate your transformation at the end of it!

Module 2: Letting Go of Separateness

In Module 2 explore safe ways to let go of old beliefs at the cellular level to create real change in your life. You will gain a working understanding of the three aspects of embodiment and why “being embodied” is so important for healing. Be guided through a variety of embodiment practices to nourish your soul, so that you feel  energized, alive and connected with your deepest self.

Module 3: The Brain - The doorway to healing

In Module 3 learn the role the brain plays and how you can retrain your brain to reduce pain, restore better functioning, health and well-being. This Module introduces Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education as a foundational tool to release habituated patterns, trauma and stuck stress in your body. Learn how “Somatics” works to neutralize your body’s innate protection reflexes, and why these simple, practical tools should be an essential part of your self-care toolkit. We will share the latest scientific research into neuroplasticity, and Pain Reprocessing Therapy and why you need to nurture a sense of safety for your primitive brain in order to heal. ​When we start at any other place than working at the level of the brain, we miss addressing the control center to get your nervous system, body and mind ready to sustain change.

Module 4: Understanding the Somatic Concepts of SMA, Pandiculation and Reciprocal Inhibition

In Module 4 learn and apply the key concepts of somatic neuromuscular re-education which retrain your brain to improve posture and regain strength and stability in your body. We will teach you why your old ways of addressing muscles tightness may not be working. Learn a powerful alternative to stretching and manual therapy that is a game changer to resetting the resting length of your muscles, making them responsive and functional when you need them. We are excited to have you experience firsthand how flexibility and core stability are the by-products of re-educating persistently tight muscles using somatic techniques, and just how this supports you to maintain good mobility and age well.

Module 5: A Deep Dive into the Somatic Reflexes

In Module 5 learn have fun learning about the anatomy and physiology of the three somatic reflexes that are innate systems of protection in your nervous system. Discover the link between these three reflexes: (Red Light, Green Light and Trauma Reflex) and how they present in your body and their relationship to your thoughts, beliefs, tendencies and actions. We will teach you how to neutralize these three somatic reflexes, experiencing firsthand how this shifts your posture, supports better movement, digestion, sleep and overall well-being. These amazing practices are like a moving meditation in the way they calm your nervous system, diffuse deep patterns of stuck stress and retrain your brain.

Module 6: Exploring the Nervous System & Vagus Nerve

In Module 6 learn about the power of the vagus nerve to support the rest and digest functions in your body. Discover how nervous system dysregulation is a chronic problem in society today and how it may be showing up for you. Most importantly learn short, easy nervous system “resets” to support better sleep, calmer mood, better digestion and improved overall health. Instead of targeting the symptoms first, these practices target regulation of the governing system to which all systems speak.

Module 7: Spirituality, Trauma & Pain

In Module 7 gain an understanding of the spiritual aspects of pain and the pain body. 


The ancient wisdom taught in Yogic Philosophy helps us to understand how your unconscious and conscious beliefs are stored in your body and cause you pain and suffering. As you explore these brilliant maps you will learn the role of the senses and about the four aspects of the mind: 1) Ahamkara (Ego), 2) Samskara (Storehouse of Memories), 3) Manas (Mind) and 4) Buddhi (Inner Wisdom). We will guide you to objectively look at how these 4 aspects influence your ability to be present in your daily life and how they influence your thoughts and decision making. Having this new knowledge of the interplay of your mind is a powerful tool that will give you the clarity to make empowered change.

Module 8: The Power of the Breath & Sounding

In Module 8 you will learn about the mechanics of breathing and discover and play with practices that support and sedate an overactive mind and nervous system. Functional diaphragmatic breathing supports deep cellular respiration and the health of all of your body’s regulatory systems.  Feel how functional breathing is linked to core stability, and supports you to feel grounded and centered. Directly experience how quickly and easily you can use the breath to support every aspect of your being. We will share with you a variety of breathing and sounding practices to ease anxiety, reduce muscular tension, calm your mind & nervous system in just a few short minutes.

Module 9: Appropriate Load: “The Just Right” Stimulus

In Module 9 you will learn the simple yet often overlooked concept of appropriate load in relation to how you live, eat, work and play. Experiment with how applying “the just right” stimulus can be a loving gesture to yourself and support balance and ease in your life. 


Learn to let go of old mindsets like: “no pain no gain”, “ I need to _______ everyday”,
“I should or must _________” without paying attention to the truth of what you really need.


As you learn to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, this simple awareness tool can help you to be masterful at managing your energy in all situations. You will also apply the concept of appropriate load in your movements as you transition from persistent body tension/pain into more ease and better mobility. You will become skillful at understanding how to make a safe and responsible transition into higher load activities that you love in life.

Module 10: Key Learning Concepts & Tools In Your Toolkit

In Module 10 we will review the key concepts and tools you have learned in the program. You will be introduced to the powerful BLUEPRINT MASTER PLAN that you will use to self-assess and implement practices that meet your needs in real time. This is where you put all the puzzle pieces together to confidently become the Master and Guru of your own health and healing. 

Module 11: Self Reflection, Hero Statement Successes and Maintenance

In this module you will reassess the key indicators of cycle time and stress resiliency & the information gathered at the start of this program to compare where you are now. You will feel competent to identify, embody & celebrate your wins and key learnings. 


Learn how to use the BLUEPRINT MASTER PLAN to create a 4-week self care program to follow. As you apply your self care program, feel confident in assessing its impact, and to make course corrections and adjustments based on knowing your needs as they change. Feel confident in your somatic awareness skills and enjoy your new found sense of embodiment. Celebrate the realization of more ease, peace, joy, connection, freedom, happiness and empowerment. Congratulations!

Module 12: Resource Practices

Module 12 is a resource library of guided video practices that you will have access to for life. You can use these resources to keep rolling the ball forward to support your transformation when things are going great and when life throws you that curve ball. These resources are yours to enjoy so that you can keep growing and learning.








We will give you the knowledge and support to use a comprehensive toolkit to change the way you think and keep you motivated and inspired to keep practicing and growing into a new way of feeling and being.


As you release the blocks that keep you stuck you will naturally
and easily want to apply the tools in your
self-care toolkit as you need them.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, it zaps our energy and motivation, our minds can get foggy and our bodies tight, sore and painful. These imbalances start in a variety of ways. They can show up in your nervous system and mind first and then move into your muscles and tissues. The root cause can be an accident, injury, trauma, or peak life event which disregulates your system leading to anxiety, depression and pain. In other situations the cause of the disconnect is deep seated beliefs that propel you into patterns of in-action and poor choices that leave your nervous system on high alert, feeling a lack of safety and dis-ease.

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12 pre-recorded modules of learning content, practices and resources!

✔Explore at your own learning pace.

✔Lifetime access to this version and all future version updates

✔Weekly live office hours Q&A to get your questions answered and share wins

✔Weekly live online Office Hours to get your questions answered

​​​✔A private forum to share your wins, ask questions and connect with the Mind Body Blueprint Community

​✔Community forum is monitored daily to address your questions 

✔Community Forum used to post Monday Goals & Friday Win’s


A life changing experience that will open up your world to new ways of thinking and possibility.

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