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 SomaYogaTherapy & Somatic Pilates

Release Energetic Blocks & Pain, Reset Your Nervous System, and Build Stress Resiliency and Develop Intelligent Core Stability & Strength

Nicole Ablack-Ramkay
Pain Resolution Therapist
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I believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right inputs. Reconnect with your health and vitality using somatic-based practices that speak the language of the nervous system, mind, body, and spirit. Release energetic blocks and pain, reset your nervous system, and build stress resiliency. Then you can develop intelligent core stability and strength with Somatic Pilates, which improves your overall physical and mental well-being and gets you back to doing what brings you joy!

"When you move, you are changing who you are. When you move with awareness, you are changing the world."

- Gil Hedley

Sandy Beach
SomaYoga Therapy Private Appointment

SomaYoga Therapy incorporates Somatic Movement, Breathing Practices, Nervous System Resets to release energetic blocks & pain.  It helps you develop a deeper awareness of your body,  your breathing, and your sense of Self. It quiets the mind in the most unique way to facilitate deep healing from tension, pain, anxiety, & stress which can lead to improved physical and mental health.

Somatic Pilates Private Appointment

Somatic Pilates is a mindful and intelligent approach to traditional Pilates. It begins with Somatic Movement to release tension & pain and emphasizes the connection between the mind and body, and helps you develop greater body awareness, core stability, and strength.

Somatic Pilates Semi-Private

Release tension & pain from your body through Somatic Movement and then build intelligent strength & core stability using a Pilates Reformer and Mat Exercises. Share your time with a friend and have lots of fun!

Our private sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals. 

Workshops and Classes

I offer workshops and classes for individuals and groups. Our workshops focus on specific areas such as stress reduction, pain management, and mindfulness. Workshops are educational and can also include practices such as SomaYoga, Somatic Pilates, Meditation, and Breathing.


Lorree A.

 "Working with Nicole has changed my life, I now understand how my muscles and brain work and have learned to be mindful of my body, why I have chronic pain in my back and how to resolve it!I

Rhonda B.

In just five weeks of seeing Nicole, my recovery jumped in leaps and bounds. .  Under Nicole’s care I have been able to regain a great amount of mobility pain free.

Andrea E.

New learning, confirmation and connections abound in an environment initiated by Nicole & Carrie. This course if a life changer, reminding us of our innate wisdom, divine right to be on this beautiful planet, and lead with a heart full of love. We all deserve to live and love a life pain free.


I came to the training in hopes to learn more about managing my own personal pain. I have come away with life changing information in order to support my own healing journey as well as share this knowledge with my students. Thank you.

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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
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