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Online Courses

Expand Your Knowledge and Learn How to Reduce or Resolve Your Pain

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Change Your Pain Somatically 6-Week Starter Course

Reduce or resolve your pain naturally and organically. Learn how to take back control over your healing with revolutionary practices that speak the language of your nervous system. Start to feel, move and sleep better right away!

Pelvic Floor Issues?
There is More to the Story!

This 2-hour experiential workshop will teach you why urinary incontinence, pelvic floor pain, prolapse or general discomfort in your pelvic floor may be result of an often unknown cause called "Sensory Motor Amnesia". Learn how to take back control over your pelvic floor health using the somatic technique of pandiculation and find ease down there!

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Not Pooping Regularly?
We'll Teach You Why

This 2-hour experiential workshop will teach you why stagnancy in your digestive system is caused by deeply stuck muscles and engrained patterns in your nervous system.


Learn some great practices to get you pooping better and feeling better!

Mind-Body Blueprint:
A Roadmap to Somatic Embodiment

In this life-changing program, you will learn how you can heal yourself, build stress resiliency, and, change old patterns of being, thinking and doing that keep you from feeling your best. This program is for anyone that is ready to make a serious change in their life and willing to make the commitment!


Discover why Somatic Embodiment is the key to living your best life!

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